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Create Soft Valentine’s Day Makeup Using Pink Eyeliner & Matte Red Lipstick

Girl wearing soft valentine's eyeliner makeup

There are still some days left to Valentine’s Day, so it’s high time we make some important makeup decisions. If you like to play around with bright colors¬†then you will love this look. Instead of the boring black liner and typical red lips we are going to create a pink glittery eyeliner.

The famous YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials, teaches us how to do this look and seduce our lover. Don’t worry, if he takes you swimming we have the perfect waterproof makeup spray. Let’s get started on the look.

For the face she goes with a very light foundation. She uses concealer too and later on contours and blushes her face to create some definition.

Soft Valentine's Day Makeup 1

All the attention is on the eyes. So, she uses Mac Vanilla pigmented on the eyes and then moves on to the eyeliner. First, she uses pink eyeshadows to create the eyeliner’s shape and then takes a liquid pink liner and finishes with the eyelashes.

Soft Valentine's Day Makeup 2 eyeliner

Last but not least, she uses a super bright red on the lips which completes the whole look.

Soft Valentine's Day Makeup 3 eyeliner

This is totally very easy to do and if you want more details on the look, feel free to play the video down below:


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