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Soldier Is Reunited With His Family, Only To Find Out That There’s A Big Surprise Waiting For Him!

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While being a parent can be full of joy and exciting, there are also a lot of difficult times that parents can unfortunately face.

Alan and Tiffany are one such example of this. In October of 2014, Tiffany got pregnant with a second child, but sadly, at 9 weeks, they lost the child.

They were trying to conceive a new baby ever since they had their first son, Aiden.

Following the loss of their baby, Alan, being a member of the U.S. Navy, was stationed on the USS Ronald Reagan.

He was away for a month, and Tiffany and Aiden couldn’t wait to see him again. Tiffany made sure to bring the camera when her husband finally arrived home, and this homecoming was definitely the most special one.

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Tiffany had some news to deliver. She dressed Aiden in a T-shirt to reveal it in a creative and heartwarming way. Yes, Alan’s surprise was printed on his adorable son’s clothing.

It was a secret that Tiffany had kept from Alan for over two weeks, and even though they stayed in touch the whole time he was away, she didn’t let slip this important piece of information.

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Upon finding out, Alan becomes so happy and so overwhelmed that he breaks down right in the parking lot.

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