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Soldier Comes Home Early And Surprises His Mom At Work

Sildier suprises his mother

One thing that brings joy to us all, is when a soldier finally reunites with their family. And the stories never get tired or boring. After a long time away from home, a soldier decided to surprise his mom at work.

But the catch is that Denise Sterns, the soldier’s mom, was assuming that her son is going to return a month later, they definitely caught her off guard. Fortunately, we have found the video of this beautiful reunion.

Denise was at Phoenix’s Central Station when the security guard called her to help him out with something. A total ruse. She didn’t know how anything about the surprise waiting for her.

The video was recorded by the soldier’s father and in this image below we can see the son pretending that he is just another person reading the newspaper. Denise is the one in the yellow vest.


But, the mom probably thought of her son when she saw the soldier so she took a second look. She curiously turns her head to look as she walks past him. She said that she wanted to say something to him for helping this country but when she saw the boy laughing, Denise knew that it was Larry, her son.


She immediately jumps on him and hugs him so much while repeatedly saying, ”What are you doing here?”. When Denise first said goodbye to him it was very hard for her because she lived only with her dad and Larry.

“This was the first time I saw him in his uniform and when he stood up, after I was done hugging, he was standing so tall and so proud,” she added. Denise’s dad, Hugh, made sure to record this because he’d planned this surprise together with Larry.


“Everything went much better than what we even envisioned,” he said. “It was a big moment.”


The video was posted on YouTube and has circulated a lot on the Internet. But the one comment that pleased our eyes the most is the soldiers. ”Probably my best gift to her yet.”

Source:larry s, shareably

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