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Sophia Grace and Rosie Are All Grown Up And Following Their Dreams


Loving a celebrity music star can go beyond just having a fan. There are two little girls who proved that all of your wishes can come true if you really want them to. Six years ago, in 2011, Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie McClelland made history after rapping Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass song and their video went viral. Later on, the 8 and 5-year-old girls were invited on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform in front of the live studio audience. Their lives changed drastically, but what are they up to now? They are certainly following their biggest dreams.

The two internet stars charmed the world when their cover of a Nicki Minaj song uploaded to YouTube went viral. The video received over 52 million views.

Here is a reminder of their cover:

Source: Sophia Grace

After their video went viral, the girls were invited on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and met Minaj on the show as a surprise by Ellen herself. Ellen fell in love with the girls and they went on to make regular appearances on the show.


It wasn’t long before the little stars became overnight household names. They interviewed celebrities at red carpet events, and guest starred on shows like Sam & Cat alongside Ariana Grande. The stars also released their first children’s book titled Tea Time With Sophia Grace and Rosie.


Sophia Grace even won the role of Little Red Riding Hood in the Disney adaptation of Into the Woods. Sadly, however, her parents had to pull her out from the project because some of the film’s themes were too mature for a kid her age.


However, not all hope was lost. The girls had so many exciting projects to look forward to. In 2014, the cousins starred in their very own movie titled Sophia Grace & Rosie’s Royal Adventure.

Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal

The ladies became so popular that JustPlay created dolls modelled after them.


The dolls donned the girls’ signature pink dresses and tiaras and sang their rendition of Super Bass.


In 2015, Sophia Grace released her first music video for her single called Best Friends. Then, she was 11 years old and her preteen song cracked Billboard’s Top 100. Her video also got more than 70 million views online.

Source: Sophia Grace

By the end of that year, the girls the girls suddenly disappeared from the public world. Ellen invited them back on her show so they could update fans about their lives.


Nowadays, the girls are all grown up. They have sayd goodbye to the pink tutus and tiaras, and are pursuing their own passions. Earlier in 2017, Rosie posted a video to her personal YouTube page updating fans about her life. The 10-year-old said that she is now focused on school, piano lessons, and gymnastics, which is her favorite thing at the moment.

“So I’ve been working real hard on my school work. My teachers are very happy with me. I got my handwriting license as well,” she explained. “Also, I took my prep test in piano and I passed and I’m very excited about that.”


“I spend time every single day on my bars and my beam but my most exciting news right now is that I’ve got my first solo in my singing class at stage school and I’m really excited and really nervous at the same time,” she continued. Rosie also does covers of songs, which she also shares on her YouTube channel.

Sophia Grace, on the other hand, has embraced life in the limelight. The 14-year-old released an EP titled Hollywood and is currently a judge on an ABC show called Toy Box.

Sophia Grace

She even described herself as the “serious” judge on the show, which is a whole different personality than the one she displays on her YouTube page.


Sophia Grace still uploads song covers, original music, makeup tutorials, and some parodies on her YouTube account. You can find one of her makeup tutorials here.


Obviously, these girls are following their dreams in the best possible way.

“Should the girls ever return to the spotlight, their fans can rest assured that they’ll be doing it with a good support system behind them,” Sophia Grace’s father Dominic Brownlee told the Huffington Post.

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