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Spanish Couple Travel And Play With Architecture On Camera

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Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis may seem like an ordinary couple, because they are  architecture lovers, and also love posing in front of the camera while travelling around. Their home is Valencia, Spain, but they love taking pictures from all over. Though, these unusual pictures look like they are taken on another planet. Interacting with architecture in a hilarious way, their clothes matching, they find a perfect way to describe their view of the buildings they explore. And, indeed, their stories seem like geometry fairytales. It’s no wonder, since Devis is an illustrator and designer, while Rueda is a trained architect.

More info: Daniel’s Instagram | Anna’s Instagram (h/t: deMilked)

1. Valencia, Spain


Source:Daniel Rueda

2. Copenhagen, Denmark


Source:Daniel Rueda

3. Velencia again


Source:Daniel Rueda

4. They love the streets of Valencia


Source:Daniel Rueda

5. Copenhagen vibes


Source:Anna Devis

6. Instagram challenge – The goal was to create photos and videos that capture one or several surprising elements, Valencia

Source:Daniel Rueda

7. Red rain with a matching umbrella in Valencia, Spain

They are making fun of the weather by putting a matching red umbrella with this building.


Source:Daniel Rueda

8. Munich, Germany

“We all need a hand sometimes”, explains Daniel on his Instagram caption.


Source:Daniel Rueda

9. Munich again

It’s September, and it starts raining. They find a perfect depiction of the post-holiday depression.


Source:Anna Devis

10. Muralla Roja

Their dream to visiting this building finally came true.


Source:Anna Devis

11. Building Axelborg, Copenhagen

Playing with geometry on camera.


Source:Daniel Rueda

12. City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

Daniel’s caption on Instagram says: “Do you know how do we keep our temperature in Valencia when winter arrives? We lean on a #Calatrava building. They’re usually around 45 degrees… I’m sorry, okay?! It’s way too cold for me to think of something to say!”


Source:Daniel Rueda

13. CaixaForum, Barcelona


Source:Anna Devis

14. Palariccione


Source:Daniel Rueda

15. Even the weather could become digital, Valencia, Spain


Source:Daniel Rueda

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