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Perfect Sparkly Pink Glam Makeup Tutorial


2016 was definitely the year of makeup. Different tools, techniques, products, Instagram videos, YouTube makeup glam tutorials were what we constantly saw on social media.

But, that’s not really a bad thing because whenever you felt doubts, you were just a search away from some awesomeness. YouTube channel iMacUrFabe by Mariana is going to show us how to create a sparkly pink glam makeup which is really pretty and easy to do.

She is using the Morphe 35F palette as it was very requested by the viewers.

1. Mariana starts with a moisturizer and then applies her favorite foundation from Makeup Forever. Then, she applies concealer and powder.


2. After applying primer on her eyelids she takes the palette and by mixing colors creates a reddish pink sparkly eye makeup.


3. To complete the eyes she takes the same brush with pink eyeshadow and applies it in her lower lash line. She finishes with a black eyeliner from Mac and applies it in her water line.


4. For the lips she uses liquid nude lipstick over the lip-lining she did.


5. Perfect glam!


To see every detail and products watch the video down below:


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