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Sperm Banks Are Desperately In Need For Ginger Genes

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There are so many different people all around the world. But ginger people are quite rare, indeed. Nowadays, there are less than 2% or only 140 million people around the world with ginger hair. And while some worry they are becoming extinct, photographers are capturing their beauty around the world. Gingers are becoming the center of attention, and they are indeed hot! Here is a glimpse of their comeback as they truly deserve it. Sperm banks are in need of ginger genes, too!


Maybe it’s the rise of gingers like Sansa (not a real ginger, though) and Tormund on Game of Thrones or the influence of celebritiess like Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran. But, they are surely a hot topic now.


It doesn’t look so long ago, when a Danish sperm bank, the largest one in the world, closed its doors to ginger donors because not enough people wanted redheaded babies, in 2011.



Just six years later, sperm banks can’t get enough of the “carrot seeds”. A sperm bank in Australia, Co-ParentMatch, even launched the hashtag #SaveGingers. They claimed that “Only 2 percent of our sperm donors have ginger hair.”

Source: Facebook |Ed Sheeran

Even if they have a ginger donor, it doesn’t really guarantee anything. Since the redhead gene is recessive, it takes two gingers to make a third for certain. It’s entirely possible for a ginger to sprout up in a family without a redheaded parent, if they are carriers of the red gene. Some people may be ginger, but not carriers of the gene. So, that’s why their kids won’t end up being red-headed. Genetics is fun science!


Source: Reddit | lynnyrt

They are indeed rare, still. But it’s nice to see the redheaded renaissance is on!


Source: Imgur | hiphopbookshop

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