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Removing Split Ends With Fire?

remove Split Ends with fire

Natalie’s Outlet is back again with her Beauty Busting, and this time, there’s no sign big enough to say EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION. She’ll try to remove split ends with FIRE.

And so that you don’t burn your house, or get left hairless in the process, this Youtuber is doing it for you, again. We’re here wondering who was the first person to think this is a solution at all? And how many burnt strands of hair did they have to go through, so they could get to a proficiency level?

Anyway, we’re leaving that, for now. What you’re about to see is how to use fire in order to get rid yourself of split ends. And the most important thing that you’ll get out of this is to see if it works.

Personally, I’d keep fire away from my hair. But what would you do? More importantly, have you tried it before, has it worked for you? Tell us in the comments!

Source:Natalies Outlet

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