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10 ‘Spot The Difference’ Pictures To Test Your Intelligence


Spot the Difference games are a simple, yet fun way of testing one’s intelligence and observational powers. Here are ten pictures for those who love a visual challenge – the quicker one is able to solve them, the greater the attention span of that person.

1. 3 or 4 planks?

This optical illusion-like drawing can look like 4 pieces of planks on one side, but also 3 pieces on the other, leading to a lot of confusion.


2. Elephant legs

At first glance, this elephant might seem like it has too many legs, but if you look at it closely, only one foot at the back is real here.


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3. Abbey Road

The cover of The Beatles’ best-selling album, the photograph was taken on the now-famous pedestrian crossing in front of the Abbey Road studios in London. Check if you are a real Beatlemaniac, as they say that only a true Beatles fan can spot the five differences between these two pictures.


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4. Bolts

Can you tell the difference between these two? Hint: peel your eyes to the bottom of the photo, despite the top having a wealth of detail. If you still haven’t figured it out, the difference is the green mechanism: there are seven bolts in the left photo, while only six in the right.


5. Mona Lisa

The real variation here is at Mona Lisa’s right-hand side. The second one has a lighter patch, while the the one on the left has a darker hue in that particular area.


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6. Spaceship

There’s a lot going on in this one: you might find yourself counting and comparing the stars, and even squinting your eyes to examine the little alien near the top, but the difference you are looking for is the size of the hole in the front of the spaceship!


7. London

At first glance, this one might appear difficult because of the intricate design of Big Ben simply screaming for your attention, but upon closer inspection, you will notice there is a plane in the sky on the right. The second difference is the clock showing different times.


8. Globe

This one is probably the easiest one on the list – no differences except the tree branch in the left photo.


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9. Girl at a Window

Looking at these two renditions of this famous painting by Salvador Dali from 1929 you may find yourself searching for differences in the background, or possibly in the ripples in the curtains or even the water. If you glance down to the bottom right of the picture, you’ll notice that the picture on the right has a mouse hole in the corner, while the photo on the left doesn’t.


10. Disney World

In this detail-filled actual photo of Disney World, you need to be observant enough to spot the photo editing in the left version, particularly on the left ear of Mickey Mouse.


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