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Spot The Differences In These Very Detailed Pictures!


One of the most popular puzzles of our childhood days was spot-the-differences. For those of you with amnesia, it was the one where you’re supposed to find small details that are different in two pictures. So in order to revive the sweet childhood memories, we’ve found a couple of puzzles just for you. The differences are very carefully made, that spotting them will surely be a challenge.

Those blessed with extraordinary perceptive powers can do these challenging puzzles quickly. Sometimes, having OCD can help too. Also, if you claim to be somewhat of a genius, gifted with high concentration and obsession with detail, you can now test that statement.

Dive in and get spotting! Spot The Differences In These Very Detailed Pictures

1. There are three tiny details different in the first two pictures.

differences 1

How many did you manage to spot?

differences 2

2. This set has 4 differences in it.

differences 3

Got them all?

differences 4

3. Try and find on your own how much different details are there in this one.

differences 5

You got all three?

differences 6

4. It’s getting tougher and tougher, right?

differences 7

The answer.

differences 8

5. This beach has gone though a little change.

differences 9

Three things changed actually.

differences 10

6. What about this beautiful doorway?

differences 11

Three things are different.

differences 12

7. Can you find the differences in this?

differences 13

There are two.

differences 14

8. What’s different about this picture?

differences 15

OK, we know that was too hard.

differences 16

9. How about this one?

differences 17

Two things are different, yes.

differences 18

10. This one can be a challenge…

differences 19

Was that too much?

differences 20

11. Get a load of this.

differences 21

You thought you got them all, didn’t you?

differences 22

12. Maybe the number of stripes are different?

differences 23

Well, somewhat true.

differences 24

13. What could possibly be different here?

differences 25

Just these three little things.

differences 26

14. No, they’re not twins, it’s something else…

differences 27

See, not that obvious.

differences 28

We sure hope you enjoyed this, even though it might have been too tricky at times.

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