How to Spot A Fake Vs Real Michael Kors Handbag


If you’re in the market for a fancy new handbag, but are not sure the outlet you are in is an official handler, there are certain things you should note before you make the big purchase. Fake bags may look very alluringly like the real thing, but on closer inspection their workmanship is shoddier and attention to detail questionable. Here we lay out the real from the fake so you can study several features including the leather,  logo, handle, hardware, zipper and closure, sides and liner, before you buy. Don’t be duped!

  1. Logo 


Notice the real logo letters are evenly spaced and in a dead straight line, while the fake letters are slightly wonky with differing spaces between letters.

2. Hardware


The real buckles are squared with a gold finish and a hint of copper, while the fake is clearly brass with rounded edges.

3. Straps


Fake straps will easily crease and look tired after a few outings, also the straps will start to pull if you have a lot of weight in your bag. In contrast the real straps will hold their shape and not pull on the stitching.


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