Spring Cleaning Is Upon Us But Do Not Despair

Spring Cleaning Is Upon Us But Do Not Despair


Spring cleaning is upon you mortals! That olive stone that rolled down under the sofa is still there and you know it’s time to get it out of there!

How long will you keep looking at that stove and think to yourself “God, that’s dirty!”?

I know that not knowing much about detergents and stains paralyzes you and the struggle can be real but you gotta find it within yourself to start somewhere!

Here is a list with a couple of cleaning hacks that will help you clean any room of your home with things that you can find in your household!

1. Bathroom Mirrors


Don’t you just hate your streaky mirror?

Lo and behold! You can achieve to clean your mirror without any chemicals whatsoever!

All you’ll need to make this non-toxic chemical is some hydrogen peroxide and baking soda!


Use a spray bottle to put the concoction in and spritz it on the mirror! Use a newspaper to wipe it off since it leaves absolutely no marks!

2. Bathtub


Have you got the case of the grimy bathtub? Yikes!

Try out this natural recipe and avoid chemicals! At the end, you soak your body in there! Always try to avoid chemicals if there is a better way!

You are going to mix half a cup of white vinegar, a cup of rubbing alcohol and a quarter cup of water. Dilute that with four quarters of warm water. Distribute the mixture evenly over the tub and let it work it’s magic for 15 minutes. Rinse it off!

3. Toilet


“What the *blip* did I do wrong to have to end up cleaning the toilet?!”


Boys and girls, do not despair! The solution is where you’ve expected it to be the least! Aside from being a mouthwash, Listerine is very effective with germs! Pour it in the toilet shell and let it stay there for 30 minutes! Then flush! Voila!

4. Floor Tiles


Those little cracks in the floor tiles are a magnet for germs! They make your bathroom look like a prison toilet if let unattended for an extended period of time!

Bleach is the answer. Bleach and cotton balls.


Soak the cotton in some oxygen bleach and let them stay over the cracks for a little bit!! Mouthwash will also work!

5. Rust


Talking about prison bathrooms, rust is just the most uncomfortable thing to look at. Use some coarse salt and lemon juice and be done with it!

Pour the salt over the rusted place and rub it with a lemon!


Leave it for the night and rinse in the morning!

6. Dusty Ceiling


Cobwebs and dust populating your ceiling? I got you!


Use a mop and a mixture of warm water and vinegar to clean off the ceiling!

Put on some goggles just in case! You don’t want a drop of that mixture incidentally falling in your eye!

7. Shower Curtains


Curtains getting moldy down there?

Mix 500 ml of all-purpose bleach with two tablespoons of dish-washing detergent and spray the mixture all over the shower curtains. Allow it to sit for a few minutes.


Rinse when the time is up!

8. Vinegar


Noticed how every ingredient up till now uses bleach or vinegar? The vinegar is high on the PH-scale and works wonders against germs!

Whenever in doubt what to clean your bathroom with, grab the vinegar!


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