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Heatless Hairstyles For Spring


Did you start to enjoy spring yet? Because it’s well underway, which totally means it deserves to be celebrated with a few amazing hairstyles.

How do we do that? Easy-peasy. YouTube has been one of the biggest resources these past years for every DIY project including makeup and hair. It won’t fail us this time either.

Beauty addict Milabu has a channel and loves to create how-to beauty tutorials for short hair and hairstyles, makeup, and lifestyle in general. For instance she has videos for various braids (dutch braids, french braids, faux braids…), updos, hair buns, creative hairstyles, hacks, tricks, tips and how to videos. Today we’re going for 5 minute easy heatless hairstyles. Yay!

1. Messy bun

Spray your hair to create some texture and then take it to the back of your head to create a bun. Leave a lot of hair in the front to make it look more messy and put on your favorite hair band.

spring 1

2. High bun

Take all of your hair and make a high bun. If you have some little hairs standing out use a teasing comb, put hairspray on it and just go through your hair. Then you can take your favorite bandana, fold it in a triangle and roll it around the bun. Voila!

spring 2

3. Half-updo

This one literally takes 30 seconds. So, divide your hair in two sections and put a hair band or bandana. Then, you take two other sections from the sides and secure them with a bobby pin in the back of your head.

spring 3

4. French twist updo

If you like to keep your hair out of the face but still show a hairstyle then start by placing a hair band and then taking all the hair in the back securing them in a twist.

spring 4

5. Retro hairstyle

Basically, all you have to do is make a small bun in the back and take your bandana, wrap it all around your head by creating a bow in the front. Secure the scarf with bobby pins if you want and here you go Beyonce!

spring 5

If you like to see everything by yourself, click down below and enjoy!


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