Sly Stallone And ​Arnold Schwarzenegger Were Once Rivals, But Now Hang Out On Christmas Day

The rivalry between 71-year-old Silvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger who is just a year younger is among the best-known Hollywood stories of the past four decades. It all began when Stallone – already a star – refused to cast the up-and-coming Schwarzenegger as Russian prizefighter Ivan Drago in the fourth installment of Rocky, deciding to go with Dolph Lundgren instead.

Afterwards, the two action stars involved in various forms of one-upmanship for decades, but that is all in the past now. Their icy relationship first started to thaw several years ago when the two worked on Sly’s Expendables together, and now the two even spent Christmas day together like best buddies!


Stallone and Schwarzenegger were arch rivals for the best part of the 70s, 80s, and 90s: according to The Guardian, the creator of Rambo has even admitted to holding a “violent hatred” for his Austrian-born competitor who later became Governor of California.

Now, things seem to have changed completely.

Here they are, hanging out on Christmas Day in front of the famous Rocky Balboa statue


It was Sylvester Stallone who posted a snap on Instagram of him and Arnold enjoying Christmas Day together.

The caption read: “Well look who drop by on Christmas! @schwarzenegger always fills the room with positive energy!”

Arnie was wearing a red seasonal sweater, while Sly kept it classic with a crisp white shirt. Stallone also posted a photo of himself and 60-year-old Dolph Lundgren recently on Instagram, saying: “Shooting a commercial with Dolph today… Getting ready for working with the big man in Creed 2.


The two actors will appear in the Creed sequel – a film in which Rocky Balboa trains the son of his former rival Apolo Creed – a boxer who died during a bout with Russian fighter Ivan Drago (portrayed by Lundgren) in Rocky IV – before Balboa avenges him by defeating Drago on Russian soil. It is rumored Stalone and Lundgren’s characters are set to face off again in Creed 2.

TMZ Sports approached Sly in August to ask him about the movie. He explained: “It wouldn’t be a party without Drago, would it? I’m gonna punch him. You know I gotta hit Drago once.”

The movie will probably be released in mid-November next year and fans are not sure what it’s really about. The synopsis only says that “Adonis Creed tries to seek revenge when he goes toe to toe with the man who killed his father.”

Adonis Creed vs a 60-year-old Ivan Drago? That’s almost as crazy as a 60-year-old Rocky Balboa going toe-to-toe with World Champion Mason Dixon in the series’ sixth installment.

Well… there’s nothing impossible in the Stallone universe! Happy holidays, Sly!

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