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Starbucks Brought Back Its Limited-Edition Halloween Drink


Run to Starbucks before it’s too late.



If you are a caffeine addict and you are obsessed with Starbucks and Halloween you have to know this. It’s an epiphany.

Starbucks brought back its limited-edition Frappula Frappuccino from Oct. 27 to Oct. 31 across the U.S. and Canada.

This drink, with a spin on the name Dracula, made a successful limited-edition debut last year. That was not the first time this company offered spooky limited edition beverages. Caffeine lovers had the possibility to enjoy Franken Frappuccino for a short time in 2014. Offer ends Monday, so get your ass moving!

Go and get yours before it’s too late! But if you somehow miss your chance to try this limited edition, don’t worry. You can always make your own DIY version if you carefully layer the ingredients. It’s not a secret that white chocolate mocha Frappuccino is the base of the drink with a peppermint syrup. The topping is a dollop of whipped cream decorated with strawberry puree which creates the dripping blood illusion.


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