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She Started Lifting At 15, What She Looks Now Is Shocking

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A lot of people go to the gym as a temporary thing. They get excited about it, then after some time, poof, they get bored and never go again.

When 15-year-old Julia Vins joined her local gym, little did she know that it was the start of an incredible career as a powerlifter.

She is now 20 years old and has been winning a lot of powerlifting championships all around the world. When you first look at Julia, you would never assume from her porcelain skin and doll-like eyes that she has the ability to lift the equivalent of two Arnold Schwarzeneggers. This is something she can do!


She has big beautiful eyes and also wears makeup like other girls, but the is strong too. A lot of people either respect her work or judge her for being a muscle girl. She calls herself the “muscle barbie”.

The truth is, Julia never truly felt like her body matched the girl she was inside.


Her body was right for her.


She first went to the gym to build her confidence, then after a year she met a coach who recognised her potential at weightlifting. She now trains four times a week, for three to five hours a time, and eats five or six small meals per day made up of chicken, eggs, cheese, rice and vegetables. Wow!


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