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Julia Started Lifting At 15 And Now She Is A Powerlifting Champion


Most of us join the gym motivated at first to lose a few pounds and get our perfect beach body, but we usually give up after some time.
However, when Julia joined the gym at 15-years-old, little did she know that she would become an amazing powerlifter.
Julia Vins, a 21-year-old powerlifter from Russia has won a lot of powerlifting championships all around the world. She might look like a porcelain doll, with glowing skin, pretty eyes and gorgeous hair, but don’t let the look fool you. She can power lift an incredible 400lbs. That is the equivalent of two Arnold Schwarzeneggers. This incredible story was shared by Viralthread.
The Russian girl has been dubbed “Muscle Barbie” by the internet and she has 615k followers on Instagram to date.

The 21-year old Instagram selfies have a lot of comments from both men and women who admire her muscles as well as her curves.

Julia never truly felt like her body matched the girl she was inside.


She first started going to the gym at the age of 15 to help build her confidence.


However, after a year Julia met a coach who recognised her potential at weightlifting.

Now, she trains four times a week, for three to five hours a time. Her diet consist of  five or six small meals per day made up of chicken, eggs, cheese, rice and vegetables.


Her hard work quickly paid off. She won the world power-lifting championships in Moscow in 2014, achieving three world records.


Julia regularly post work-out videos on her Instagram page.


Even though she spends most of her day at the gym, she never forgets to dress up and put on make up.

She also says: “For me, there is no limit. I want to become as muscly as possible. I don’t like to think of what I would have become if I wasn’t muscle Barbie.”

Source: viralthread

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