Stephanie Lange Advises Us How To Avoid Cakey Foundation

Stephanie Lange Advises On How To Avoid Cakey Foundation


Stephanie Lange tells it like it is… thankfully! After all, the 28-year-old Aussie hasn’t amassed more than 1,1 million followers on her Youtube channel for nothing. A professional makeup artist from Sydney currently living in Ireland, Stephanie says her channel is “all about sharing my life to help you guys look and feel your absolute BEST”. And what today’s video is about, you ask? Foundation!

Foundation is supposed to enhance the skin’s natural beauty, but quite often it can make it skin look cakey, clumpy and riddled with tiny little holes instead, which is quite literally the opposite of the look we’re going for.

Nobody wears makeup to look worse than they already do, unless it’s Halloween, of course! So to avoid these pitfalls Stephanie goes through the foundation do’s and don’ts in order to find out how to get a flawless finish.



The first advice she gives is not to apply a thick concealer before the foundation. If you do that, any pimples you might have will be lifted up and the texture of your skin will look rougher instead of smooth as you’d expected it to be.

Instead, wait until you’ve applied your foundation and avoid unnecessary layering of makeup. The rule of thumb is: more layers of makeup will make your skin appear thicker.


Furthermore, use a lightweight liquid concealer rather than a heavy cream one and avoid using foundation that is way too thick and pigmented for your skin type.

The thicker the foundation, the ticker it’s going to look on your skin – on the other hand, the thinner the foundation is, the more seamlessly it will blend into your skin.

In addition, avoid rubbing it in. Use a fine translucent powder that won’t add extra pigment onto the skin. For the perfect smooth effect, you can use a sponge to apply it.


Another mistake you should definitely try to avoid, is adding extra layers of pigmented powder on your skin when it gets oily throughout the day.This will result in it sticking to the layer of oil on your skin and will create a mixture that will look thick on the skin.

This will result in it sticking to the layer of oil on your skin and create a mixture that will look thick on the skin.


So go on, watch, learn and share!

Source:Stephanie Lange

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