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Stiletto Nails, Some Puzzle Pieces And Some Chrome

Stiletto Nails

Okay, we need to talk about stiletto nails. As in, how gorgeous they look, yet they make you wonder how do people do things with them? I mean, don’t you have like, dishes to wash, or contacts to put in, or…

Oh, you don’t care, as long as they’re pretty? Good call. Because we have another stiletto suggestion here.

Stiletto Nails f

Luciana McGee is here with another lovely tutorial on stiletto nails, straight from her Youtube channel of more than 150K followers.

Shall we?

1. She uses a cute concoction from Organic Nails, from the Be Creative collection.

Stiletto Nails 1

They’re like little puzzle pieces!

2. She spreads it well, so it’s good coverage, but as thin as possible.

Stiletto Nails 2

3. She then covers it with runny acrylic, in order to be see-through but to cover the puzzles well and make them shine.

Stiletto Nails 3

4. She cleans the nail with alcohol.

Stiletto Nails 4

5. Then, clear nail polish, from her favorite brand.

Stiletto Nails 5

And straight to LED afterwards.

6. That’s one nail. For the others, she uses a different color.

Stiletto Nails 6

7. She carefully spreads the product, bead by bead to make it look nice.

Stiletto Nails 7

8. Then, she caps it with clear acrylic as well.

Stiletto Nails 8

9. For some nails, an excellent idea she suggests is to go chrome.

Stiletto Nails 9

*Heavy breathing*

Stiletto Nails 10

There you have it. Nails to go crazy over. Do you like them? Check out the video for a step by step talk-through.

Source:Luciana McGee

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