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She Sold Her Stillborn Son’s Crib And A Week Later The Buyer Made Her An Incredible Gift


Bringing a child into this world is one of the most wonderful experiences. And all the love, all the devotion makes for unbearable pain if a child is lost. The emotional devastation is unimaginable for those of us that haven’t experienced it personally. Valerie Watts suffered this tragic event as she lost her baby son. She was nine months pregnant and there were only a few days left for her to give birth. At this point she was given the bad news, that she was carrying a stillborn baby.

“All week I knew, he wasn’t moving as much,” she told Fox 9, “I was very nervous”.


As she was on the last month of pregnancy, the presents and purchases were all ready for the arrival of the baby who was going to be called Noah. She was left with items like baby clothes, toys, accessories and a crib. Then, when it came to selling the crib she was reluctant but she didn’t really expect that the world would give her a gift to help with her loss.

Valerie from Cokata, Minnesota ended up leaving baby Noah’s unused belongings alone and untouched in her home for a year. With the time passing by, she came to realize that she needed to move on and decided to sell the furniture at a garage sale. The crib was there too.


It was then that an old man named Gerald arrived with his wife at the sale. He took a liking to the crib and asked if he could buy it. Gerald lived only a few miles away on the outskirts of Cokata and restored old furniture as a hobby.

“She was kind of hesitant, I knew that maybe she didn’t want to sell it. Yet she did,” Gerald explained.

What he assumed was that her child had grown older and she wanted to get rid off the baby products so he bought it and headed home with his wife. His wife had asked her how old her child was and that’s when she heard the tragic news.


Gerald realized why she was so hesitant to sell the crib and decided to turn the furniture back to it’s previous owner but not in it’s current form. He used his woodwork to transform it into a bench that would also serve as a memorial for Noah.


The next week, Gerald returned to Valerie’s house with the gift.

“I started crying instantly” she said of the moment she saw the bench. “There’s good people out there, there’s proof”. Gerald simply explained that he was glad “to be able to do something” for the grieving mother.

Now the bench sits in Valerie’s home as a memorial bench for the lost child and a testament that proves some people are good and are willing to do nice things to help others.


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