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How to Stop Your Under Eye Concealer From Creasing


Concealer is the go to product for covering up imperfections on your face. Blemishes, spots and dark circles vanish under its application. Yet during the day it can turn against you as it settles into those fine little lines and creases, giving you exactly the look you were trying to avoid.

Lavonne Anthony gives her tips for concealer application that isn’t two faced.

Step 1

Using a concealer brush apply a liquid or cream concealer such as the pro-recommended Chanel Pinceau Correcteur Concealer Brush #10 ($32, available from Blend it to cover your whole under eye area for a smooth finish. If you wish to brighten up your face more, start with a minimal amount of concealer in a triangular shape, then add more as needed. Remember less is more. Too much will make you look cakey and tired. You do not want to look cakey and tired!

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