Stop Making These 5 Beauty Mistakes That Age You 10 Years


So ladies, during your beauty routine, there are probably some mistakes you are making. You don’t want to do that, so why not start improving those mistakes? Some of them are also making you look older and we are here to give you the right tips. Here is what you need to stop doing and get the perfect flawless look. You only need some quick fixes. Enjoy!

1. Using a concealer that is way too light, too dark, and/or applying tons of it
You should really watch out when it comes to concealer. Either you do it the right way, or you end up creating a total mess of yourself.

2. Wearing bright blush right on the apples of your pretty cheeks
To stop yourself from looking aged, stay away from red brick-colored shades. You have to make sure to blend it the right way.

3. Layers of  shimmery or metallic lipstick
So, if you want to give your lips a little bit of sparkle, then simply use a matte lip color and try placing a little gloss in the center. There you go. Advice  by Lavonne makeup artist.

4. Contouring with a heavy hand
It might look very easy to add some stripes and blend them out. But a harsh line is really a dead giveaway which adds more years to the face. So, go for a barely-there look.

5. Creating spider lashes
Keep it simple with just a few swipes from your favorite tube.

source: mariaclaire


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