The Real Story Behind The Splash Mountain Lady Meme

The Real Story Behind The Splash Mountain Lady Meme


The “Splash Mountain Lady” photo is something that will always bring a big grin to my face.

Be it a bad hair day, or just something generally gloomy that really kills my vibes, one glance at that face in the photo and everything seems a bit better!

This is a photo of a woman looking stern and completely miserable while riding the Splash Mountain. Now, you really cannot beat that. Her face is everything that’s opposite to any association you might have of theme parks and fun times!

However, the story behind this particular occurrence bears a lot more meaning than what you might think.

Splash mountain 1

Source:Facebook / Love What Matters

Steven and Jordan Alexander, the lady in the photo, had been married for a couple of years up to that point, but life was never a smooth ride!

Splash mountain 2

Source:Facebook / Love What Matters

When he met her, he was going back to kidney dialysis after his kidney transplant had not been successful.

She was constantly there with him throughout the years and they both muscled through his disease!

“Starting a new relationship under these circumstances was hard, but she stuck by me – and a few years later we were married.”

Splash mountain 3

Source:Facebook / Steven Alexander

Because of the nature of the condition, traveling was out of the picture.

“She had hopes to take me to Disney World, as I’d never been before in my life, but we could never make it work,” said Steven.

“Years later, I got a transplant – and after things settled down, we planned our trip to Disney World! Her favorite ride, Splash Mountain, was closed on that trip, so I told her we’d ride it when we came back.”

Splash mountain 4

Source:Facebook / Steven Alexander

Then, they welcomed their son into their lives. They decided to take a family trip, and her parents came along to lend a helping hand.

“We spent a nice day in the Magic Kingdom, but towards the end of the day – I ran out of steam, and told her she’d be better off riding alone.”

Splash mountain 5

Source:Facebook / Jordan Elizabeth Alexander

“She marched off towards the ride, alone, and when we made our way over, she got off the ride, handed me her phone, showed me the picture and said, ‘I did this for you!’”

This is when the legendary picture was made!

“We both broke into laughter, hugged and made our way out of the park. The ability to make each other laugh, even in the difficult times, has been the glue of our relationship – I don’t think I would have survived without her in my life.”

Splash mountain 6

Source:Facebook / Love What Matters

You got to give it to the lady, she is one hell of a trooper!

It’s truly inspiring how she uses her sense of humor to act as a comic relief to a situation that if it had happened to different people, it would’ve taken over their lives.

“So, the world sees a silly picture of an angry lady on Splash Mountain, but I see the funny, smart, intelligent and beautiful woman who carried me through life, and I love her more than anything,” said Steven.

“The truth is, I’d ride into anything or climb any mountain with and for her. She’s given me life, two beautiful kids, and the greatest life a guy could ever ask for.”


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