Here Is The Story Of A Brain Damaged Surviving Baby

All The Odds Were Against This Tiny Baby – But He Miraculously Survives


Jennifer Snowden is a mother of a baby who developed encephaloceles while still in the womb.

She says that her first trimester was an easy one. She wanted to see a 4D ultrasound of her baby, early in the pregnancy, but nothing could’ve prepared her for what she was about to discover.

Her first pregnancy went awry when she found out that the baby she was carrying had encephaloceles.

Encephaloceles are rare birth defects associated with skull deformities, characterized by partial lacking of bone fusion leaving a gap through which a portion of the brain sticks out (protrudes).

Protruding tissue may be located on any part of the head, but most often affects the back of the skull (occipital area).

Most encephaloceles are large and significant birth defects that are diagnosed before birth.

Now all of her family tried to put some sense into her, and they were begging her to terminate the pregnancy. The odds of the child surviving were close to none.

The doctors said, that even if the baby did survive the labor, it would’ve had grave consequences to its health, and would require 24 hours per day assistance.

They told her that he wouldn’t be able to speak, crawl, walk, control his bowles etc. Needless to say, that was a major blow for Jennifer.

However, she decided to not give in.

85% of expecting mothers who are given this diagnosis terminate their pregnancy.

However, Jennifer says that she would talk to him, promising him that he would be alright. She was adamant to keep him.

When they did another fetal MRI at around 7 months into the pregnancy, the doctors noticed that the encephaloceles had largely shrank.

baby 1

His brain had healed itself to a degree. However, they were not out of the woods yet.

When Jennifer was giving birth, there were 23 doctors present in the room. They didn’t know what outcome to expect.

As soon as they got him out, Jennifer held him. He still had traces of the encephaloceles.

The baby needed to undergo surgery in the next few hours.

baby 2

Four months later, the baby and Jennifer are absolutely thriving.

This is truly a fascinating story of hope and love.

See the video below for an exclusive interview with the mother and a cameo of the baby!


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