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12 Strange Celebrity Resemblances That Will Make You Laugh


In life, we come across strange resemblances on a daily basis. Nowadays everyone has that one friend that looks like a celebrity or a cartoon character.

Here are some hilarious people that look like other (famous) people, brought to us by Diply, to bring some laughter to the beginning of your week.

1. Hey Ed Sheeran, are you sure this baby isn’t yours?

He could even be Ed’s long lost brother.


Source: Instagram | @worldstar

2. Good luck defeating him.

Best not to get on this guy’s nerves.


Source: Twitter | @Daenerys

3. It’s “the chicken man” from Toy Story 2!

They look identical!


Source: Twitter | @_paytonislame_

4. A monkeys guidebook on how to pose while studying abroad.

Looking like a real Instagram blogger.


Source: Twitter | @tori_harkin

5. A rather strange thing, isn’t it?

The timeline of the two series is perfect for these characters to overlap.


Source: Reddit | threeearlystories

6. A true shocker!

Who actually has the time do these things?


Source: Imgur | CallMeFock

7. This is just hilarious.

She is practically giving herself a ride.


Source: Imgur

8. How is this even possible?

This took some serious observational skills.


Source: Me.me

9. This can really give you nightmares.

I don’t think Sponge Bob will approve of the treat.


Source: Imgur | NotQuiteDeadYetPool

10. He’s only missing the scar!

This guy is just about to receive his Hogwarts letter.


Source: Twitter | @SamJJShawcross

11. This guy on twitter @drefromjerz makes a great reference.

You have to admit the guy has style.


Source: Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

12. In conclusion, only haters will say this isn’t true.

No wonder people stop him on the streets – they could be twins!


Source: Reddit | MyNameIsJules
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