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The Stranger Things Kids And James Corden Reunite Their Childhood Band


The second season of the science fiction-horror web tv series Stranger Things is on Netflix. If you haven’t watched at least one episode, I warn you. You might get addicted. The first season of the show was released back in July 2016. While there are a lot of secrets and supernatural occurrences in the show, the cast also hides a lot of secrets behind the scenes. What was life like for the cast before they made it to the big screen? According to The Late Late Show, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Noah Schnapp were all part of a Motown cover band called the Upside Downs! That’s not all! James Corden was also part of it. The band reunited in an emotional reunion on Wednesday, November 8 on the late-night show and you absolutely must watch their performance!

It turns out that besides acting, these guys have got the tune as well. I a VH1 Behind the Music video and retrospective, the boys explain their lives before they became actors. The four Stranger Things stars together with Corden, who was their classmate, were in a musical singing group called The Upside Downs together playing the hits of the legendary Detroit record company Motown which played a crucial part in the racial integration of popular music. How cool is that? As a matter of fact, the boys were spotted by a Netflix executive while they were onstage and eventually became the cast in Stranger Things. Sadly, Corden wasn’t offered a part.

Luckily for us, on Wednesday night, the band reunited again on Corden’s show to sing soul and funk once again. Tracks included The Jackson Five’s I Want You Back, The Temptations’ My Girl and The Four Tops’ Reach Out I’ll Be There. Matarazzo got his carer going on Broadway and you wouldn’t get surprised he’s such a good vocal.

You will get pretty emotional by watching them, I assure you.

Also, you might shed a tear or two as these guys sound amazing! Anyway, the three-minute concert is worth seeing for sure!

Here is a bonus video by actress Sadie Sink, explaining what she learned by playing in the Stranger Things show.

Here‘s more on the cast of the show.

 Source: wmagazine

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