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How To Create This Strawberry Champagne Makeup Look


Summer nights are approaching, slowly but surely, and we’re constantly curious to see what’s trendy and worth trying. When it comes to makeup tutorials there is so much inspiration you can find from different makeup artists. For example, this strawberry champagne makeup tutorial.

Stephanie Lange is a professional makeup artist in Sydney, Australia. She loves everything about fashion, beauty and animals. She decided to share a very summer-ish look which invokes sweet feelings, just like strawberries do. Get your palette out and let’s get this party started.


She uses simple steps like foundation, concealer, powder and contouring. Everything is well thought through and that’s why her face looks pretty natural and not cakey. It’s important to mention that she does her eye makeup first then moves on with the face.

strawberry 1


Eyes are the most complicated step for this look. Stephanie starts with a base and then adds silver sparkles and creates a smokey burgundy look. She underlines everything with black eyeliner and finishes with lashes.

strawberry 2


For the lips she uses a brown nude lipstick which matches everything.

strawberry 3

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Source:Stephanie Lange

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