Stripped-Down Beauty With This Flawless Looking Makeup

Stripped-Down Beauty With This Flawless Looking Makeup


As the Madonna of YouTube beauty bloggers, Miss Isabella Fiori is truly a thing to behold! The nineteen-year-old Australian attracted more than one million subscribers since the day she started her YouTube channel back in March 2015. And that’s certainly not only because of her beauty and charisma. The girl has a way of making things simple and approachable, almost as if even a beginner can do them.
Speaking of beginners, this is a very basic video for an everyday flawless look.
Of course, we are going to start by priming our face! Make sure you get that primer into every single pore.
Go over your undereye dark circles and any dark patches that you wanna cover with a concealer. Do not put a lot of product. We want a look that’s as natural as possible!

beauty1Now, proceed by applying foundation on your face. I want to mention that Isabella went for a BB cream instead of foundation since she is trying to maintain a natural look. You can choose the product that you prefer best!


Before applying anything powdery, go in once more with a liquid concealer.

beauty 3Highlight your cheeks and the t-zone with a highlighter. Set your face with powder. She is using a mix of a powder and a highlighter to set the face.

Bronze your face to bring out your facial features. Apply it on your cheeks and your forehead. Subsequently, you are going to go in with a bit of a darker shade to contour your face.

beauty 4+Put some color on your cheeks with a blusher and highlight them once you are done.

That is your everyday, natural and flush makeup tutorial. You can rock this look almost anywhere during the daytime. It is also good for people who are more keen on the natural side of things and fancy a stripped down version of having makeup on your face!

Source:Bella Fiori

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