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18 Struggles Of Womanhood Men Will Find Incomprehensible


“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman, giving all your love to just one man…” sang Tammy Wynette in Stand By Your Man, a country classic further immortalized on the film screen by the Blues Brothers. However, there are plenty other struggles in a woman’s life in addition to standing by one’s partner, and these are the eighteen most common and most annoying ones.



Many girls have difficulties applying eyeliner and hate the process as a result. There is so much to think about when applying eyeliner, but the main pertinent question usually is, “is this equal?” Just doing a few flicks never works but doing too much will usually leave you looking like a panda.

Hair, lip gloss, and the wind


Not a good combo. Lip gloss is a makeup essential, but make sure you check the weather whenever you feel like wearing it: your hair is bound to stick to your lovely and glossy lips as soon a there’s a gust of wind.

Nails chipping


If acrylic or gel nails aren’t your thing, then you’re going to have to paint them yourself – the thing is, they will look great, for about five minutes, before starting to slowly chip away, breaking away little pieces of your heart, too.

Forgetting to take the pill


This is a struggle most women will know or go through at some point in their life.

Drawing on your eyebrows


Doing eyebrows is almost as hard as eyeliner, especially if you have to fill them out until they look bushy and natural. Moreover, making sure they match is impossible.

Cropped jeans and unshaved legs


The more you shave your legs, the more often you need to shave them. If you’re wearing cropped jeans, having unshaved legs might result in an awkward and uncomfortable situation.



Wearing tights is a challenge as it is, especially when you have a ladder in the inner thigh area. But wearing tights when the elastic has overstretched ensures you are constantly hoisting them up all day – fun times!



Sunglasses are fun… Until you rest them on top of your head when you’re in the shade. Nothing is worse than getting those same sunglasses stuck in your hair and the pain that ensues when you have to untangle them.

Visible panty lines


We can all understand the annoyance that is known as the visible panty line which has the power to ruin a perfect look and embarrass you. The three ways to get around VPL are: go commando, wear no VPL pants (which are hard to find), or wear a thong.



It’s not as simple as it is for boys. Most easily accessible places such as public urinals are designed mainly for men, leaving us crouching behind a commercial bin after a night out, hoping we don’t fall in your own puddle of pee.

Convincing yourself you must be pregnant


Regardless if you’ve had sex in the past month, you convince yourself that you have to be pregnant because there’s no other explanation. Then, when your period comes, you feel like an absolute idiot.

Messaging someone a bunch of questions and only having one answered


This is especially true when you’re texting boys. We can text a guy 5 different questions in a row, but they’ll usually only reply to one, which might mean we are doing something wrong.

Dropping food


Whenever you’re eating, you can bet on dropping at least one bit of food down your top which gets wedged in your bra. The crumbs down your shirt are just a bonus.

Breaking a nail


Breaking one nail is even more heartbreaking than breaking several. Women invest so much time and money to achieve the perfect nails, so one of them leaving the pack is pretty depressing.

When someone accidentally elbows your boob


An awkward and painful experience where no one really knows how to react to.

When you diet and your boobs lose weight first


Dieting is hard work, and most of us want to see quick results. More often than not, though, we see a difference in weight in our boobs first – the last place where we want to lose weight.

Leaving the shower looking like Alice Cooper


If you often forget to remove your makeup while you are in the shower, or before you actually go into it you probably try to convince yourself that it’ll wash away just fine, but in reality, it never does, leaving you looking like Alice Cooper!

Outfit expectations vs reality


There’s nothing more heartbreaking than planning an amazing outfit in your head which turns out to be awful in real life. What’s even worse is trying to rush to find another outfit in a rush!


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