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16 Struggles That Any Girl Living In Today’s World Will Understand

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Women the world over are an exclusive sisterhood bonded together by unwritten rules, similarities and ways of thinking that no one outside of it really understands. These sixteen things will remind you of all those parts of our lives that we share and that men will never truly get.

1. All curly-haired ladies will understand this only too well!

 Anyone with curls understands this.

Source: Instagram | @thedailylit

2. Hey, it’s all about the effort, right?

Me 24/7.

Source: Instagram | @cray.rhonda.cray

3. The eternal battle that’s raging inside all of us

The eternal battle inside of me.

Source: Instagram | @lovemyssa

4. We’ve all been through this and we haven’t learned the lessonI know this song and dance well.

Source: Twitter | @phaithful

5. This is exactly who we think we are before the first few vodkas

This is exactly who I think I am.

Source: Instagram | @mancmilf

6. It is a hard life, but someone’s gotta to do it

It is a HARD life.

Source: Twitter | @KarmaJonez

7. You’ve got to do your research, but you can never show you actually did it

You've got to do your research.

Source: Instagram | @divineyonieggs

8. Uh no, it’s a natural tan. Why do you ask?

Uh no, it's a natural tan. Why do you ask?

Source: Instagram | @_im_just_that_guy_____

9. When you know they are right but you still want to flip out at them


Source: Instagram | @justatypicalgirl13

10. Fight the system

Whatever, I'm fabulous.

Source: Instagram | @xo_senamarie

11. Fake lashes are the windows into a girl’s soul – if that’s not a saying already, it should be

To know my lashes is to know me.

Source: Instagram | @paolaymartinez

12. If you are a member of the Tinkerbell club you will appreciate this picture so much

 No truer picture has ever existed.

Source: Instagram | @sianbyford

13. What men don’t understand is that the real point of a woman’s purse is for the owner to be able to live out of it, similarly to people living out of a car

 I'm shuddering at how real this is.

Source: Instagram | @travelingbeautichick

14. Looks familiar… in fact, way too familiar

Looks familiar.

Source: Instagram | @leboutique3

15. The morning snooze routine

 Morning routine.

Source: Instagram | @justatypicalgirl13

16. The struggle which every woman in every corner of the globe will understand perfectly

This is the struggle of every girl everywhere.

Source: Instagram | @justatypicalgirl13
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