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16 Year Old Student Is First Transgender Pupil To Be Crowned A Prom Queen in UK


A Welsh teenager is believed to be the UK’s first ever transgender Prom Queen after she was crowned by her fellow pupils it has been reported in the Daily Mail.

Lori Beynon, 16, born as Luis, from Cardigan, began transitioning two years ago. She knew she was a girl from the age of three but didn’t reveal her true identity to her mum until she turned 13. Too afraid to tell her face-to-face, she sent her mum, Sarah, a text.
The bubbly fashion lover had never worn a ‘proper dress’ until her end of school prom – so she was astonished when her classmates at Cardigan Secondary School voted her to be this year’s Prom Queen at the end of school dance.


Lori Beynon, 16, on her prom night just before she was crowned Prom Queen


Lori looked stunning in her above-the-knee black dress and matching heels, with a simple silver clutch and a sparkling choker. As the Daily Mail reports overwhelmed Lori said ‘I was really excited to be going to prom anyway. It was the first time I had really worn a proper dress.’Overwhelmed Lori said: ‘I was really excited to be going to prom anyway. It was the first time I had really worn a proper dress.’
It is believed it’s the first time a transgender person has been crowned prom king or queen in the UK.
She now wears a skirt to secondary school and is about to start hormone treatment.


Lori was crowned Prom Queen by her fellow classmates and was presented with a sash and a sparkling tiara


Lori said she knew she was a girl from age three and she always used to enjoy dressing up in her sister’s clothes when she was little. But when she started school she realized the ‘outside didn’t match the inside’ and started researching online aged 10 to put a name to her feelings. She added: ‘I used to put a towel on my head to pretend it was long hair.



Lori was born Luis (above) but never felt comfortable as a boy and always believed she was a girl on the ‘inside’. Now she wears make-up, dresses and skirts and is about to start hormone treatment.


Lori (left) poses with a classmate after her fellow pupils voted her Prom Queen at their end-of-school dance.

When she turned 13 and started going through male puberty, she told her NHS worker mum Sarah Young, 37. Too afraid to tell her in real life, Lori revealed her true identity in a text. She admitted she wanted to have gender reassignment treatment to her supportive mum.


Glamorous Lori (left) poses with a friend on her prom night before finding out she had been crowned Prom Queen.



‘I told her in a text because I was too scared to tell her to her face,’ she said.
‘Puberty was the worst time in my life. It was horrible. I would wake up and run over to the mirror and it was really hard to deal with. ‘I would be there looking at my face and thinking “Do I have a beard?” It’s horrible to feel like that.
She added: ‘ My mum was really, really, really supportive. She said “I will support you all the way”‘.



Lori’s certificate confirming she has been crowned Prom Queen, and wearing her sash on the night in the photos above.


Newly-confident Lori started to grow her hair, try more girls’ clothes, and started counselling at the Gender Identity Development Service at London’s Tavistock Clinic.
She changed her name to Lori in June 2015. She attended her school prom earlier this month, and was excited to dress glamorously at the event for Year 11 pupils.
She said: ‘I never thought at all that I would get prom queen. It was totally incredible.
‘It felt like I was a celebrity. It was pretty weird. I just want to go as far as I can to feel authentic to myself and who I am. Being prom queen was one step closer.’
Mum Sarah added: ‘I couldn’t be more proud of Lori. I’m not sure there’s been another transgender prom queen so I believe my daughter is the first.’


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