Student Became An Instagram Sensation By “Chinning” Over The World

Student Became An Instagram Sensation By “Chinning” Over The World


These past few years we have been bombarded with various beauty standards that are endlessly circulating the internet spreading insecurity, especially among younger folks. On the other hand, the trend of questioning them and juxtaposing reason and humor to the expectations of perfection proliferated online is also on the rise. Student Michelle Liu has recently become famous for her Instagram account where she shares pictures grinning at the camera while traveling the world. The 21-year-old posts snaps of herself sticking her chin out towards the camera, which has the amusing effect of distorting her face in a very comical manner. Notably, she has referred to the practice as “chinning”, and aims to bring an end to the image of perfection that social media often encourages us to aspire to.


In a way, she tries to stand up against all those ‘perfect’ pictures of people who constantly showcase their supposedly fantastic lives to their followers. Therefore, instead of all those ‘flawless’ pictures, we are presented with numerous funny, quirky and unique ones that are supposed to encourage us to embrace ourselves for who we really are.

Michelle’s selfies have doubtlessly done a great job reminding us that we should not believe everything we see on social media. Nobody has the perfect body, the perfect clothes or the perfect life. Because guess what, nobody is perfect.

All things considered, here are six photos of some of the places she visited:

1. Paris, France


2. Prague, Czech Republic


3. Brooklyn Bridge, New York


4. Beijing, China


5. Amsterdam, Netherlands


6. Glasgow, United Kingdom


If you liked them, check out the rest of the photos on her very own Instagram account @chinventures.

Source: chinventures

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