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A Student Goes Back To Her Studies After A Couple Leaves Her $400 Tip


Cayla Chandara is seemingly an ordinary girl. She wanted to have a college education, so she moved to the Waikiki area of Hawaii. However, despite her college ambitions, she needed to survive and got two jobs as a waitress. One during the day at the Cheesecake Factory and the other one in the evening at Noi Thai Cuisine, in Waikiki. She never dreamed that a couple will change her life, and you’ll see how.

Chandara didn’t give up college, though. She just needed more money to save for her college debt so she could finally start focusing on her studies. Therefore, she put her studies on a break and became a waitress in these two places.

Everything was not doing so well for this young lady and then something amazing happened at work. Her dream of continuing her college education was alive again.

One day at work, she served a couple from Australia at Noi Thai Cuisine. They seemed like a friendly couple so they started a nice conversation with her. They found out about her situation and how she struggles with finances. Their meal was worth around $200, and they left the restaurant.

Then, Chandara was shocked after returning to the table. They had tipped her $400! She just couldn’t believe it and started crying.

They had already left, and there was no way she could thank them. However, knowing about their whereabouts, she wrote a thank-you letter to them. She also ordered flowers and desserts to their room.

Surprisingly, the couple came back to the restaurant. This time, the surprise was even bigger than the last one. Not only did they come back, but they wanted to pay for her school debt, balances, and her tuition! Chandara thought this was too much, but this amazing couple insisted on doing it, so she accepted.

Her life was definitely changed and she went back to her studies as a different person. She will always be thankful to these amazing people!


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