A Student Ends His Saga With His Algebra Teacher

A Student Ends His Saga With His Algebra Teacher


Nothing really can compete with the horror of having a teacher that disables the process of knowledge acquisition by being patronizing and rude.

This contributes towards ruining the tiniest instance of rapport that you have with your class at the beginning of a new school year.

A story that Reddit user Johnny_Provolone told about his high school days in the ProRevenge subreddit gathered him the admiration of 26,800 users that upvoted him in a sign of a shared trauma!
He is now 34 and studying diesel mechanics but he recalled his experience of being bullied by his algebra teacher 16 years before and the toll it took on his psyche.
“I was a senior in high school at the time and I had never been the brightest student,” admits Johnny_Provolone.
He says that even though he was not at the top of his class, he always stayed away from trouble and had never been rude or unkind towards anyone.
“I a solid C student and I had never received a detention or had any kind of bad student record.”
“This is important,” he adds, “because to this day, I still have no idea why the teacher treated me this way.”
The teacher is addressed only as Mrs. Frank in the text for privacy.
He says that the teacher had a reputation for being “a petty heartless bitch” who was in the good graces of the administration of the school.


The Reddit user wholeheartedly admits to being clueless about algebra and that he would ask a lot of questions during class in order to understand what was being talked about.
However, the teacher would constantly belittle him for it.
“And here comes the slow boy again,” she would say.

So the slow boy decided to take things into his own hands and do something about the unprofessional behavior of the teacher!
User tanked_as commented under the post: “That’s a great presence of mind for an 18yr old. I would probably have sworn about her my friends and went on with my day. Kudos to you!”

One AlexanderESmith said: “I can see a future where teachers wear body cameras like cops. Both to defend themselves, and to show which ones are completely worthless.”
I don’t want to spoil the ending for you. Have a read down below at how it played out.













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