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21 Students That Were Just Way Too Clever For Their Teachers


All of you have gone to school and some of you may even still go. Even though not many people like going to school (and by not many I mean pretty much no one), it’s a necessity because it’s the only place in the world where we can learn basic things that we need on a daily basis. Even then, to be honest, I don’t know when I’ll actually need fractions and polynomials in my life, but school taught me that as well, so I guess they’ll come in handy sometime.

The kids in this gallery were kinda getting sick of school at this point, so they decided to play some practical jokes on their teachers, resulting in totally outsmarting their teachers.

1. I would have written something even more radical

Like “tubular” or “bodacious”.


Source: reddit | [deleted]

2. You’ve seen this one everywhere

But it’s true. If I eat 29 candy bars in one sitting not only will I get diabetes but I’ll gain like 130 pounds.


Source: reddit | Rowannn

3. It’s so good that even the teacher had to admit it


Source: reddit | krafterking

4. One does not simply pose a problem like this to a Pokemon master


Source: reddit | PokemonRobot

5. Can’t blame the guy

Circling the X is easier than using the Pythagoras theorem.


Source: flickr | dullhunk

6. This student’s a savage

I mean, I never understood what’s wrong with practicing on a piano, but alright.


Source: reddit | NerdBoy_

7. Very funny, Peter


Source:Economics Help

8. But creativity won’t get him into college


Source: imgur | localsinglesinyourarea

9. Too scared to answer


Source:Funny Exam

10. This teacher is upfront and honest

I respect that.


Source: tumblr | guyfarris

11. So cute that he gave it a name


Source: reddit | Joz2323

12. Eh, I don’t know if I’ll agree with that


Source: reddit | nativeofspace

13. As brief as it gets


Source:Funny Exam

14. Even the teacher gets the reference


Source: reddit | nuffnuf

15. You may be smart

But you’re not quite smart enough.


Source: reddit | PictureHelper

16. Did he even stay in school after this bold statement?

I’m gonna guess no.


Source: reddit | aldennh

17. Look at the front end of that bus

I doubt it really looked like that.


Source: reddit | smile208

18. What if the table actually had feelings?


Source: reddit | paige12123

19. Attention to detail here

She’s got the colors and everything.


Source: reddit | bananabreadisyummy

20. He thinks a little bit highly of himself

And “little bit” is a little bit of an understatement.


Source: reddit | SALON_QUALITY_HAIR

21. Spelling level: internet troll

Remember those guys? From the hay days of YouTube?


Source: reddit | kosmonaut5
Main image via reddit / smile208
Collage images via 1. Funny Exam 2. reddit / Rowannn 3. reddit / nuffnuf

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