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Students Do A Marvelous Makeover Of Their Grim-Looking University Dorm Bedroom


You live a comfortable life at home, and everything seems to go well, when, suddenly, you have to go to university. This for many, means that you have to live in a student dorm, and it is a bit terrifying. Who will your roommate be, or what room will you have? Students around the world live in all kinds of conditions, but student dorms are probably all tinier than your room at home. It is not rare for students to do some redecorating, but these Texas State Univerity students have surpassed themselves with a luxurious makeover of their dorm room. Skylar Bantz and Adeline

Skylar Bantz and Adeline Vela, transformed their drab shared 16 x 16foot bedroom into a stunning home from home.


Dorm room transformation

The pair spent ten hours redecorating the room in Sterry Hall, nicknamed Scary Hall by former residents.


They weren’t alone, as their relatives and friends also helped.

The girls swapped their desk chairs for monogrammed acrylic versions.


They turned the area underneath one of the beds into an entertainment centre complete with TV, coffee machine and printer.

dorm room transformation

An interesting thing they did was add some stylish faux brick wallpaper to give the room a ‘loft feeling’. Along with that, they added customised headboards, a mini-fridge, coffee maker, faux-marble desks, a TV and white dressers. Wow!


Skylar, a biology student, and Adeline, a psychology student decided to move in together after meeting in an online chat group. After deciding they will live together, they spent the summer planning their dorm makeover together with their moms.

Sheila, Skylar’s mother, told MailOnline: “We had to come to the room prepared with a lot of vision and just cross our fingers that it would work. We were lucky it did.”

dorm room transformation

Speaking to San Antonio Express News, she added: “We are pretty budget friendly, so most of the items we got were from IKEA, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon.”

dorm room transformation

The transformation is incredible!

Featured Image Credit: Sheila Ybarra

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