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This Jaw-Dropping Embroidery Work Looks Like It Will Come To Life!

Embroidery Work

Chloe Giordano is an artist who used to work as a designer for Penguin and Vintage Books, as well as numerous other clients. She describes herself as an avid reader and history lover, but a dreadful knitter. That’s probably due to the fact that all the talent has gone into her drawing and embroidery skills!

Today Chole resides in Oxford, and works on her own embroideries and drawings.

Embroidery is a bit of a lost art today and not that many young people decide to take it up, often due to the fact that it’s considered a slow and tedious process.

That’s why we decided to share Chloe’s embroidery work with you.

Her art is even more amazing when one reads the fact that she is completely self-taught. She admits that she had learned it all through trying and failing over and over again.

Check it out, allow yourselves to be amazed and who knows – maybe you’ll decide to become an embroiderer too?

1. Look at the gentle interplay between those fireflies, flowers and the contrast with the bird’s bright colors.

embroidery 1

Source:Chloe Giordano

2. One for autumn

embroidery 2

Source:Chloe Giordano

3. Pay attention to the beauty of the colors fading in and out

embroidery 3

Source:Chloe Giordano

4. Those details, that fur!

embroidery 4

Source:Chloe Giordano

5. The beauty of innocence


Source:Chloe Giordano

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