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Stunning Interior Decoration Ideas To Make Sure You Have The Best Place In Town


There are always dilemmas that we need to face when we’re designing our new place to live. Depending on what we choose, we can either pick function over form, which means having a functional, organized place with not that much style, or form over function, which means a really nice looking place that doesn’t really have all that much function. The best bet is to strike a good balance between functionality and appearance, and if you need some guidance on how to achieve that, here’s a gallery of amazing, newfangled interior design ideas, set up by Viral Thread.

1. An outdoor cinema

This is more of an exterior design, but look how unique it is!

1. A sweet outdoor cinema

2. A sandpit under your desk

Relax your feet, but also, you’ll need to protect your computer from sand.


3. A dining room table that houses a pool table

Imagine the get-togethers!


4. A fancy underground wine cellar

You’d probably need to have a lot of extra space for this.


5. A pirate ship bed

This just makes me wish I were a kid all over again.


6. A hammock bathtub

Imagine how cozy this might be.


7. Colorful rug


8. Some cool window blinds

So you can shield yourself from the sun and the outside world in style!


9. A prism coffee table


10. Because regular wooden flooring is too mainstream


11. Cosmic wallpaper


12. Don’t cut down that tree on your property

Build around it instead!


13. Indoor treehouse

Once again wishing that I was a kid.


14. Turn your living room into one big puzzle!


15. A lampshade that turns any room into a creepy forest

This might just be a one-time use item for Halloween.


16. This wall art rocks!

I know, my jokes are amazing (not).

16. This wall art rocks

17. A moss wall

So you can take a bath in nature (or at least feel that way).


18. Look how cool this nook is!

18. A nifty nook for novels and knowledge

19. A glass door made with pantone swatches

19. A glass door made with pantone swatches

20. A stream made of glass

I would love to put my cup of coffee on one of these!

20. This river glass table is pretty cool

21. A clock tower window

So you can feel like you live inside Big Ben!

21. A clock tower window

22. Ceiling treehouse

22. A secret ceiling treehouse

23. The combination of drawers and stairs saves a ton of space


24. Ceiling library

Once again, you’d have to have quite a bit of space.


25. And to finish it all off

This gorgeous corridor to and above the sea.



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