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Fourteen Stupidest Inventions That You’ll Ever See


There are some inventions that were designed with the intention to change your life, and there are also some inventions that really make you question what the person behind them was thinking.

These terrible inventions you’re about to see here are a prime example of the latter; some of these are so bad, they’re good!

1. Pet Patter

If you’re too lazy to wash your hands after petting your pet each time.

14 Stupidest Inventions That You'll Ever See 1

2. Food Cooler

Your face muscles are aching and you don’t want to blow on your food to cool it down? Here’s what’s basically a fan that attaches to cutlery and cools down your food for you!

Have you ever heard of a stupider concept? Didn’t think so.

14 Stupidest Inventions That You'll Ever See 2

3. Fake Feet

High heels that have toes molded into the front of them. Just in case you feel uncomfortable about wearing open-toe heels.


4. Chopstick Novice

I can’t believe this actually exists. In case you’re not skilled enough to eat food with chopsticks, here’s a pair of chopsticks that literally have a fork and knife attached to the end. I… I genuinely don’t know what to say.


5. Pizza Scissors

This can be forgiven because it’s about pizza, and anything that has to do with pizza can be forgiven. It’s just etiquette.

Anyway, if you don’t want to use a pizza cutter (wheel as I call them), you can use the pizza scissors, which will not only cut you a slice, but also give you a temporary tray to put the slice on before placing it on your plate. Fantastic!


6. Measuring Belt

A belt that will give you the hard, painful truth of how many inches you’ve put on your waist after pigging out on all that ice cream and cold drinks you had on vacation. Time to shift the pounds!


7. Razor Phone

Just imagine engaging this while you’re talking on the phone. No shave November has ended prematurely!


8. Clap Bra

I genuinely don’t understand this one. Someone in the comments help me out, please?


9. Laptop Hoodie

Just in case you want to watch controversial stuff without anyone knowing.


10. Pizza Pouch

Once again, it’s pizza so it’s forgiven. A necklace that has a built-in storage for an emergency slice of pizza? Sign me up!


11. Handerpants

Once again, I am at a total loss for words. Do they have Calvin Klein versions of these?


12. Bathroom Buddy

If your phone is charging and you have nothing to do in the bathroom, you can play a miniaturized game of golf!

I have never heard something more boring or ridiculous in my life.


13. Washing Aid

Just in case you’re really concerned about germs in public bathrooms.


14. Jean Sandals

Too obsessed with jeans but it’s too hot outside to wear them? Just wrap your feet in them! They’ll feed on the obsession too!


Which product do you think is the stupidest? Do you have any stupider ones to share? Share them in the comments below!


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