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How To Style Your Hair In Soft Curls – The Braid Makes For A Perfect Final Touch


You’re probably tired of curling your hair in that one single way that your hairstylist taught you.

Don’t fool yourself thinking there is one single perfect way to do it! You can always experiment with doing curls. You just need good material for curling and healthy hair. You love your hair, so you must take good care of it every single day. If curls are your favorite look, seek no further! Curls make hair look healthier and shinier. The most important thing is they add up volume on your hair, and we know we’re crazy about volume, right?

If you like experimenting with all kinds of hairstyles, make sure to subscribe to Annies Forget Me Knots channel on YouTube, which now has over 240,000 followers. You can find tons of ideas for every single day of the year. There are videos on how to style your hair quickly in the morning, and also formal updos.

What to expect from this tutorial:

In this video, she is showing how to make the cute loose curls everyone loves. Super-important: you need to use a high-quality iron, such as the one below. This one comes with two accessories.


Also, keep the heat even when doing this hairstyle to get the most out of these curls. This style is so easy to make because you don’t need to separate sections. If you want your curls to last longer than one day, make sure you hold the curl in your hand after curling.


Then, there is a nice romantic finish, a braid, for all the romantics out there.

A nice elastic band is all you need to complete this hairstyle.


It looks amazing!


Here is the video:

Source:Annies Forget Me Knots

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