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Clever Fashion Tricks Every Girl Needs To Know


Fashionista or not, there’s quite a huge possibility that most of you simply adore your pajamas. And what’s not to adore – they are so low maintenance. Unlike some other pieces of clothing you might have… But no worries, because there are 17 tricks here, ideal if you have a fashion emergency or you just need a clean up your day wardrobe.

1. Tuck your jeans into boots

No longer a problem.

How to Tuck Your Jeans into Riding Boots

2. Hide your bra strap

DIY bra strap concealer.

Hide Your Bra Strap

3. Wear the right necklace

Wear the Right Necklace

4. Waterproof your shoes

Protect your favorite kicks from whatever the nature has to offer.

Waterproof Your Shoes

5. DIY cap shoes

Cap shoes are the best trend, so don’t spend money replacing them with your regular ballerina.

DIY Cap Shoes

6. Knot your belt

Belts are not just for your pants, so knot them around your waist for a chic upgrade.

Knot Your Belt

7. How to stretch out your shoes

Try this method instead of tottering around your living room like Bambi.

How to Stretch Out Your Shoes (Painlessly)

8. Double the layers, half the frump

Layering is a hot trend but to avoid the frump, put a tank top between the two layers.

Double the Layers, Half the Frump

9. Revive your riding boots

You’ll need a shoe brush, body soap, spray bottle, vinegar, hair conditioner, a towel and some leather boot waterproofing spray. Brush them to clean them nicely, clean them with the soap and then get some water and vinegar in the spray bottle. After you’ve sprayed them, go through them with some conditioner and dry gently with the towel. The waterproofing spray will make the work last.

 Revive Your Riding Boots

10. Perfectly cuffed sleeves

This is how you deal with messy cuffs.

Perfectly Cuffed Sleeves

11. New knotty ways to wear your scarf

If you’re looking for a new crisp way to wear your scarf, this is a great tutorial.

New Knotty Ways to Wear Your Scarf

12. Repair your favorite bra

You can use some moleskin to cover the offending areas.

Repair Your Favorite Bra

13. Use hairspray on Your  hoisery

Spray your tights with hairspray to strengthen the material and avoid runs.

Use Hairspray on Your Hoisery

14. Remove deodorant marks

The answer is clear: baby wipes.

=Remove Deodorant Marks

15. How to fold your t-shirts

Folding is not easy and it often leaves your clothes wrinkled so this technique is the right one.

How to Fold Your T-Shirts

16. Reused an old sweater

You can dress up your boots by cutting the sleeves off an old sweater.

Reused an Old Sweater

17. Hang pants like a pro

A brilliant way to hang your pants.

Hang Pants Like a Pro

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