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Style Your Short Hair In 12 Different Ways In No Time


Short hairstyles are the latest craze and 2017 goes on keeping this trend. So come with us and see how you can tame your wild, short hair!

You are probably thinking that short hairstyles are just a few, and you may start to miss the good old days when all you needed to do in the morning was tie up your hair in a ponytail.

First of all, stop worrying about the fact that you have short hair, because that doesn’t mean that you will spend hours in front of the mirror. Let us invite you to discover the secrets of short hairstyles with the help of a beautiful young girl named Lexi!


How can Lexi Help You With Your Short Hair?

Lexi is a 20-year-old girl from California who loves fashion and beauty, but her other hobby is getting tattooed. Her YouTube channel has over 400,000 subscribers now. She loves making Halloween tutorials on interesting makeup and style. Another common thing on her channel is sharing her favorite season styles in terms of outfit.


In this tutorial, she is sharing with you some of the most common and easy to make short hairstyles. You can easily do these if you have a long hair as well, so don’t worry.

She starts off with the cute space buns we all loved when we were kids and goes on to show you how short hair can produce all kinds of buns. The low ponytail is definitely not the only way to tie your hair. These easy hairstyles can get your creative juices flowing, even when you rush for work or all you are thinking is why you cut your hair short. Be careful not to miss the last one! It is the easiest braid to make when you are in a rush.


You can watch the video here:

Source:Lexi Noelle

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