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18 Stylish Illustrations That Show The Downfall Of Our World

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I’m sure a lot of you reading this tend to see something on the internet followed by saying the following words out loud: “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”. And we totally get you, there’s a lot of stuff around the internet that show the downfall of our world, and artist Steve Cutts has stylishly illustrated these points. Check out the image gallery below, as brought by Diply.

1. The most frustrating word on the planet

I know all of you hate this word, and the sign that goes along with it. Ages and ages ago, buffering was a serious problem, but it tends to be relatively uncommon these days due to internet speeds being on the rise.

18 Stylish Illustrations That Show The Downfall Of Our World 1

Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

2. What we leave behind

The trash we throw everywhere illustrated by this man, who has a great mustache and according to my perception, is literally spitting out trash and is made of it and it’s coming back to him in a wave.

18 Stylish Illustrations That Show The Downfall Of Our World 2

Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

3. Phone zombies

How many times do you see someone on the street using their phone? Whenever you see a zombie, just give them a phone loaded with the latest social media apps and they’ll be distracted for hours, or enough to let you escape!


Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

4. He’ll still be here when we’re gone

Mickey Mouse will outlive us all, and smile at as us we go.


Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

5. Mona Lisa

Illustrated faceless and defined by consumerism and modern fashion trends (the pink hаиr, the earrings, the rings and the Adidas tracksuit)


Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

6. Personal space is at a premium

A long time ago, the phone booth was a place to get some serenity and have a decent private conversation, but know we share everything with everyone else.


Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

7. Just ask Google!

In this rather terrifying illustration, it shows how a lot of people turn to Google should they be stumped by any question or anything that requires knowledge that they may encounter. As true as it may be, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t do this nowadays. Even I do it!


Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

8. Global mind share.

With more avenues of access, brands are fighting more and more for consumer mind share.


Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

9. I hope there’s a cure


Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

10. Monday


Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

11. Money can’t buy happiness


Source:Steve Cutts

12. Jessica and Roger Rabbit at home



Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts 

13. How dependent we are on our phones


Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

14. Dinner is served.


Source:Steve Cutts

15. Slightly old but still very true

Remember when Pokemon Go was everywhere?


Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

16. “Less than United” Kingdom


Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

17. Under the… sea?

Representing the pollution of the oceans and our disregard for throwing the trash where it should be thrown.


Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

18. Top of the food chain

When it comes to killing, deep-frying, and eating, man really has conquered it all.


Source: Facebook | Steve Cutts

To see more of Steve’s work, visit his Facebook page.


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