Stylist Chops Her Hair Off And Everyone Is Shocked On Rachael Ray’s Show


While Francine was chilling in the audience of the Rachael Ray show, stylist Kyan Douglas decided to pull her out of the crowd and give her a spontaneous makeover.

Francine was feeling herself that day but Rachel and Kyan really felt that her look could use a little bit of pimping. Her mother was very excited that her daughter was getting a complete makeover while on the Rachel show. Who could blame her?

They cut a small part off of Francine’s hair, turning it into a stylish bob. Francine works as a nurse and normally she has to tie her hair back every day. So Kyan thought well and gave her a cut that was longer in the front so she could still tie her hair into a ponytail.

They also gave her a hot red dress which looked fabulous on her.

While looking at herself in the mirror Francine said ”I am speechless”.

Rachael 1

But her mom took the center stage as she began to tear up.

“She’s been beautiful as a baby. I can’t believe — you look gorgeous,” her mother shouted from the audience.

To see the whole transformation click down below.


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