Subverting Suburbia: The Surrealist Collages Of Weronika Gesicka

Subverting Suburbia: The Surrealist Collages Of Weronika Gesicka

Surrealist Collages

The latest artist to carry the surrealist flag in the post-modern world of art is Weronika Gesicka. She purchased vintage Americana images and manipulated them into a completely new design.

There will be at least one person among our readers that has had a dream that felt completely surreal! There is a recurring dream that I have in which I am running but my legs won’t move. Artists use dreams to capture a mood, a feeling of helplessness, elevation, bewilderment, awe.

The Taschen book of Surrealism defines the techniques used in this artistic movement as:”….bringing together two or more seemingly incompatible objects on an incompatible surface…to provoke ‘the most powerful detonations’.” Through its tmost genuine and widely use technique, the collage, surrealists managed to transform a certain image in order to subvert or comment on the meaning behind it.

Michel Gondry, one of the most inspiring directors of the last decade, followed in the footsteps of his French compatriots, the surrealists of the 20s. He relies heavily on surrealist editing techniques in his works to create stunning visual portraits of our innermost worlds.

In addition, this is exactly what Weronika Gesicka, the 32-year-old Polish graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts does.

“What usually influences my choice of a photograph for a project are details that draw my attention from the first: any specific gestures, objects, background elements”, says Gesicka.

The images that she used came from the 50s McCarthy Era. It is known to be a rather conservative time in American history.  Marked by ready-made morals and behavioral constructs, it gave birth to the suburban bourgeoisie class.

The photos usually depict families going about their everyday lives. However, some parts of their bodies or their immediate surrounding is altered and warped to provoke a reaction. As a result, the spectator is left with an uneasy feeling.

‘I try to erase, as much as I can, the difference between an original image and my own alteration, creating a completely new history at the same time’, Gesicka told the Guardian.

Her photos will be featured at the Circulation(s) Festival For Young European Photographers, starting January 21st to March 5th, 2017 at the Centquatre, Paris.

More info: (dyt, theguardian)


Surrealist Collages 1

Source:Weronika Gęsicka


Surrealist Collages 2


Surrealist Collages 3


Surrealist Collages 4


Surrealist Collages 5


Surrealist Collages 6


Surrealist Collages 7


Surrealist Collages 8


Surrealist Collages 9


Surrealist Collages 10

Source:Weronika Gęsicka, boredpanda

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