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10 Sunburn Victims Who Know How To Have Fun


Lots of people love going to the beach. Sand, sea & sun is the holy trinity of many. But if you are not properly prepared and cautious, that promise of fun times will fade as a sun setting behind a murky horizon. So yes, one of the most important things to have with you at the beach is the suntan lotion. And you should apply generous amounts of it during the first several days, at least. Here are some people that ignored this and got pretty bad sunburns, courtesy of College Humor. But hey, at least they know how to have some fun about it.

1. Passing out before applying lotion can have some interesting results

sunburns 2

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2. Even if you get nasty sunburns, there are always ways to improve them

sunburns 3

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3. You can get creative and show you’re a proper fan

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4. Be sure to know what the end result will be, otherwise, it may get super-nasty

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5. Or if you don’t intend on reaching perfection, at least know how to have some fun

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6. Yes, sunburns can be quite fashionable. This was part of the latest Gucci summer collection, right?

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7. It requires real dedication and attention to detail to create such a masterpiece

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8. Rooting for the home team is sacred to some people, while buying a jersey is optional

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9. If done properly, sunburns can highlight your favorite body feature

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10. Apply cold bear to sunburns… I’m not so sure that sounds right. No, it’s OK.

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