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A Cake For Your Dad – Because Every Day Is A Father’s Day


Father’s Day is a celebration of fatherhood and a day when we honor our dads for their commitment to our homes and communities. It is a day where children thank their fathers for sleepless nights, games of catch, lessons taught, values instilled and all that cannot be put into words, but is oh so important to who we are.

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The origin of the celebration can be traced to the Middle Ages in Catholic Europe where the tradition is closely tied to Saint Joseph’s Day which is celebrated on the 19th of March. From there, it was spread by the Spanish and Portuguese who brought the tradition to their colonies.

However, many countries have developed their own Father’s Day traditions, independently from the Catholic ones – this has resulted in different countries honoring their dads on different dates. While the predominantly Catholic societies in Europe still celebrate it on St. Joseph’s Day, the United States and most Latin American countries now mark Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June. Traditions vary greatly around the globe, with Russians celebrating their version at the end of February, the Commonwealth countries from Oceania in September and Scandinavia in November.

But ultimately, does it really matter? It doesn’t. You don’t have to wait for any designated Father’s Day celebration to do something special for your dad. Our suggestion: bake them a cake!

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And not just any cake, but one adorned with a Super Dad logo which is sure to please any parent. To provide you some guidance on how to do it, here is a tutorial video by Got Cake? – the Youtube channel sharing Chef Tony’s two-decade cake decorating experience.

Source:Got Cake?

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