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These 12 Super Mario Nail Designs Will Infuse You With Some Nostalgia

 There’s one thing that you can be sure of, and that’s that those who were born in the ’80s or ’90s are guaranteed to know what Super Mario is. It’s an absolutely classic video game franchise about the familiar red-overalled plumber, that in every single game from the first one in 1985 all the way to the most recent Odyssey has only one mission: save Princess Peach from Bowser.

Super Mario is turning 32 years old this year, and to infuse you with a healthy dose of nostalgia, here are some Super Mario nail design for you hardcore fans out there.

1. The two brothers

This first design has the two familiar brothers, Mario and Luigi painted on the “penultimate” finger as I like to call it, and their logos painted on all the other nails.

By the way, did you know that Mario and Luigi’s last names are actually Mario? That means that their full names would be Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.

Super Mario Nails 1

Source:Nail Art Gallery

2. All of the main characters we know and love

Super Mario Nails 2

Source: Chalkboard Nails

3. Shroomy

If you’ve played Super Mario, you ought to know that mushrooms in the game are quite important. These super mushroom inspired nails are very good.

Super Mario Nails 3

Source: DeviantArt | Miss-Reptilian

4. Some more red and green

This is a good idea; have one hand occupied by Mario and super mushrooms, and the other one by Luigi and 1-UP mushrooms.


Source: flickr | NailArtNat

5. Symbolic

Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi and Toad’s symbols are all presented here, plus the infamous question mark block that has been placed on a blue sky background.


Source: Lacquer Lockdown

6. Get big by biting your nails

Just kidding, don’t bite your nails, it’s bad. And you won’t get big. This person has done a clever thing by painting the cap of the mushrooms on the base of the nail.


Source: Geek Nation

7. A little bit more French

Just a simple French manicure with a little bit of 1-UP mushroom thrown in there.


Source: flickr | Isabelle Camilila

8. Bricks аnd boxes

Here are the bricks and question mark blocks on these nails.


Source: DeviantArt | Camilicks

9. Just some clouds taken from Super Mario’s background



10. Decal

You don’t always have to use the brush and painstakingly design stuff from scratch. You can just take some decals and make stuff easier


Source: Etsy | pixiekattt

11. Boo!

Ah yes, these awful creatures. They chase you when you turn away, and stop and hide when you look at them. But, because they’re white, they’ll make great tips!


Source: Nail Art Gallery

12. And some miscellaneous stuff right here

An awful lot of blue and green on this one, and of course a couple of more Boos


Source:La Carmina
Main Image via Geek Nation
Collage Images 1. Geek Nation 2. Nail Art Gallery 3. Chalkboard Nails

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