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How To Make A Cake Shaped Like The Superman Logo

superman cake

Out of all the superheroes, Superman is probably the most well-known one. I mean, the guy even has the word “super” in his name!

By day, just a normal journalist with a recognizable pair of glasses named Clark Kent, by night, a red and blue dressed laser-eyed flying legend.

As said previously, Superman is probably the most well known out of all the superheroes, regardless of Marvel or DC, and he has since appeared in many different kinds of merchandise and other such items from the real world. T-shirts, mugs, hoodies, bobbleheads and the like.

If you’ve been to a kids’ birthday party before, you may have encountered a Superman themed cake, and perhaps you’ve thought about making one yourself.

Well, don’t you worry, because CakesByChoppA is here to show you how to make a Superman/Man of Steel Cake!

superman cake 1

Truth be told, I haven’t encountered CakesByChoppA in the past, but after seeing the amazing job he did on this particular cake, I can totally see why the guy has almost 158k subscribers. Well, I don’t actually see that, because I think he deserves a lot more!

One criticism that I can level at this video is that it doesn’t show the actual preparation of the base. I’m guessing it’s totally fine to use any base recipe you want, so I say feel free to.

He puts down two rectangular cake bases next to each other, then layers a Superman logo template, and then uses a ruler to measure it and cut out the excess cake base so that it’s in the shape of the logo.

superman cake 2

After that, he applies blue and red icing to the cake, before covering it up in some blue fondant.

superman cake 3

And then, he cuts out the outline of the logo once again out of yellow fondant, and cuts out the full logo again which he paints red.

superman cake 4

Finally, he puts the logo on the cake and gives it a black outline so that it stands out more

superman cake 5

And that’s the Superman cake done! Check out the video below for a more detailed look on how to do it:


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