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Superman Dad And Batman Daughter Walking To School Together

You might have seen a viral photo of a grown up man dressed as Superman and a little girl dressed as Batman walking down the street together.

The people in the photo are 30-year-old Danny Arnold from Merseyside, England and his 4-year-old daughter Phoebe. The little girl who is a huge Batman fan wanted to go to school dressed up as her favorite character for a traditional ‘Superhero day’, but was afraid she would be ridiculed for wearing a boy’s costume.

That’s when her dad stepped in and they walked down to school like two badass caped crusaders. Danny shared the photo and the story, and soon they were an internet sensation.

Superman Dad 1

In addition to making one of the biggest wishes of his daughter come true, the 30-year-old father wanted to inspire Phoebe to “believe she can be anything she wants to be”.

“‘I told her Superman and Batman are best friends so I thought it’d make her happy if I dressed up too – and she loved it,” Danny said.

When he shared the now-famous photo on social media, the St. Helen resident also wrote a heartwarming message explaining the motivation behind his gesture:

“I gave Phoebe her superhero outfit this morning for her school’s Superhero Day but she refused to put it on because she was afraid of being different. She said she felt silly.”

Superman Dad 2

So I put my kit on so she wouldn’t be alone.”

Your children should never feel silly! Or if they do – not care about doing so. Too many people these days concern themselves with how other people think about them – even complete strangers. Do whatever makes you smile and live a little. :)”


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